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April 16, 2012
 Brian Solis Disruptive Technology And How To Compete For The Future
By Brian Solis
Disruptive technology is the bearer of tremendous opportunity and equally a harbinger of obsolescence. Technology's impact on society and business is substantial, if not underestimated. As technology continues to become part of everyday life, it becomes disruptive in how people communicate, work, and connect. The evolution of society and technology happens with or without adaptation or understanding. And, it's contributing to a very real phenomenon of Digital Darwinism, a situation where organizations are faced with a need to adapt to markets and customer behavior or risk a loss in favor, competitive advantage or worse, irrelevance.

To keep up is a perpetual investment as innovation is constant and it's only increasing. We are becoming a culture rife with ingenuity. Entrepreneurialism is contagious. The startup way, or the "hacker life" is introducing new mindsets and models and it inspiring all who taste it to code, design, build, invest, and take risks. Even President Obama is calling for attention and support for ...

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