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Government Plays a Key Role in the Internet of Things

Government around the world play a key role in whether IoT becomes a mainstream technology sooner rather than later according to Cisco IoT expert Maciej Kranz. Kranz recently posted an excerpt of his book Building the Internet of Things on the Cisco Innovation blog.

IoT Adoption is Key to Regional Competitiveness

"Governments around the world are beginning to realize that IoT adoption will be one of the key factors defining the competitiveness of their cities, provinces, countries, or regions and that IoT can help solve many of the chronic problems plaguing their economies and their environments," says Kranz. "Thus, governments at various levels have a number of key roles to play."

"There will be competition for bandwidth and other resources; there will be ideas that may conflict with public policy; and there will be IoT-based ideas that need to be regulated to ensure public safety and privacy," noted Kranz. "Think drones. In these and other ways, government regulations can help direct and align the industry."

Kranz offered a few examples of U.S. legislations and related impact:

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