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Facebook's AI Bots Have Created Their Own Language

Would you terminate your employees if they started keeping secrets from you? Basically, Facebook did just that when two of its experimental AI bots started to converse in a language totally alien and undecipherable to researchers.

In an effort to distinguish themselves from their rivals, Artificial Intelligence has been at the forefront of research efforts of tech companies. Facebook, for instance, is working on AI bots that have the capacity to negotiate.

Negotiation involves complex skills like communication and reasoning, abilities that are "not inherently found in computers." Thus, Facebook Artificial Intelligence Research (FAIR) embarked on a project that utilized reinforcement learning so that AI bots learn how to negotiate better from past experience.

The experiment was split in two. One group of AIs was restricted to use only the English language in their dealings while the other group had no such restriction. It was the second group that churned out a very interesting result, a seemingly nonsensical dialogue between two AI bots seen below as provided by Techly:

Alice: balls have zero to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to Bob: you i everything else Alice: balls have a ball to me to me to me to me to me to me to me to me Bob: i . . . . . .. . . . . .

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