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Apple Schedules September Products Event —Will the iPhone 8 Ne Included?

Will we finally see an iPhone 8 launch this coming September? That just might be the case as recent reports state that Apple has already picked a date next month to release its newest lineup which could include the highly anticipated smartphone.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Apple has already scheduled a product announcement event on September 12, 2017. Of course, the latest report is welcome news for Apple fans who, for several months now, have been waiting for the tech giant to announce the iPhone 8 release date.

Before you get all excited, here's a warning. Apple did not actually make the announcement. In the report, WSJ simply stated the latest information came from people who have inside knowledge of Apple's plans. Without an official statement from the company, this also means that iPhone 8 may not be included in the new products to be unveiled.

But still, one can remain hopeful. In fact, there are several reports stating that Apple will unveil not one but three new iPhone models.

According to eWeek, Apple will launch three new smartphones in the upcoming September 12 event. The report is not certain if one of the three new phones will be the highly anticipated iPhone 8 or if it will even be named as such. One possibility is that the new phones might be labeled as extensions of the iPhone 7 series.

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